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tiësto in knoxville

on wednesday, march 30, tiësto occupied the valarium stage and played music for the crowd to dance to. it seemed surreal to think that he was actually in knoxville.

when a friend told me he was scheduled for knoxtropolis, i didn’t believe it was really him.  after confirming it, i looked at the time, the price…i could pull this off.  i mean, he’s actually going to be in my home town.  i had considered seeing him in atlanta in the past.  that was the closest i’d ever imagined getting to a concert of his.

so, i worked out the details and went.  great concert!  i wasn’t aware anyone else in knoxville listened to any trance music, but i was surprised at the turnout of tiësto fans.  he started playing around 11:00p and was still going strong near 1:30a when i left.  (i wish i could have stayed the whole time, but it was a school night, and i don’t do well after 10:30p normally.)

it was a large sound for a small place.  the crowd loved him.  being as young as most of them were, they contin…