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thanksgiving warm-up

in true machine-shop tradition, there was a full spread for lunch.  and i mean full-on spread!  ham, potatoes in variety of prep, green bean casserole, broccoli casserole, corn, stuffing, gravy, and desserts!  all kinds of pies!  off.  the.  chain.

we’ll all be doing this again with our fams in a week.  that gives me plenty of time to deal with what i loaded up on today.  thanks, again, to all who helped out!

line up the food

hanging around the ham

the honey baked hams smelled like smoked bacon

veggies and stuff

freddy works on round one…or two…maybe three?

there be pies here!

jim and lola

don ran a long time making sure the food was flowing

fedora 14 released today…oh, and don’t forget to vote

fedora 14 goes gold today and available for download.  it also happens to be election day here in the united states of america.  in the spirit of both, i wore my voter’s choice t-shirt to indicate how i cast my ballot.  it’s good to have choices, to choose the os you want and with some choices even after you pick certain operating systems.  ahh, freedom.