26 August 2008

25 August 2008

“less commercials”?

cable channel tnt (who knows drama) seems to not know english good.  their latest promotional when watching their movies boasts of “less commercials.”  “less”?  are you kidding me?  allow me to correct them:  it’s “fewer commercials.”  it is getting bad when a television station does not know the difference between “less” and “fewer” and usage.


(need to test your own knowledge?  take the quiz.)

21 August 2008

season 4 house

house, season 4

house, season 4

history of icanhascheezburger.com

whether you are a fan or not (and you should be), icanhascheezburger.com has become one of my favorite places on the intertubez to visit.  on most mornings, the looch and i will take a few mintues to catch up on the kittehs and have a good laugh.

not all the pictures make us laugh, but that is what the challenge is.  to date, my favorite picture is this one.  i find it funny every time i pull it up.

don’t know what a lolcat is?  where did it all start?  c|net did a story on the history of icanhascheezburger.com.  read it.

my second post was a cheezburger, in case you were wondering.

20 August 2008


a couple of guys i work with came up with this idea to begin a video story and let others finish it.  they called it rootclip.  a story is started with a clip from the site team and others have to complete each chapter along the way.  chapters submissions are made, and the community along with select judges vote for their favorite.  the winner’s submission becomes that next chapter and the next chapter builds where the winner left off.  after five chapters, only the winners of the first five submit their idea for the final chapter.

the winners for chapters two through five include a visa gift card and video related prizes.  the grand prize winner of chapter six wins a $2,000 gift card.  there is a brief tv spot from wbir on their about page.

the previous story completed about a month ago.  watch the whole story from beginning to end:  “good luck.”

the next story, “chance encounter,” is still taking submissions to date.  chapter three was an ingenious idea.

happy anniversay, mom & dad!

congrats on 42 years!

19 August 2008


this is just plain genius!


and where to buy locally?  i found out!

if you need to make decisions on whether or not to eat bacon, use this flowchart.

18 August 2008

lenovo ideapad s10

the black lenovo ideapad s10

the black lenovo ideapad s10

17 August 2008

fbi servaylenz

While you’re at work FBI kitteh installs surveillance

While you’re at work FBI kitteh installs surveillance

new site!

i’ve decided to make my blog a little easier to use.  since i don’t use most of the other features in geeklog, finding a easier medium makes more sense.

i’ve also included a link on the right to my latest twitter and facebook status, my last few tracks listened to (scrobbled by last.fm), and latest dugg stories from digg.

older content can be found from a link on the far right.