31 December 2010

2010 in review

let’s see, what happened this past year?  oh, yeah:

i’m looking forward to 2011…because for some odd reason the number 2011 is an asymmetrical, uneven number.  oh, and it’s prime.  maybe that’s why i’m happy about it.  prime numbers are cool!  have happy new year!

26 December 2010

post-christmas snow


the white for christmas came the day after.  we finally got a good snow which twenty-four hours earlier would have been the ideal white christmas i keep dreaming we’ll have in knoxtropolis.

our church had planned two services originally for december 26, but weather wasn’t as permitting and the 9:30a was dropped.  in the picture, you can see them salting the parking lot for the 11:00a service.

why am i out in this?  well, i thought i might catch some untarnished settings for some photographs if i headed out early.  my plans had been the 9:30a service anyway.  the roads are still sketchy at this point.  starbucks is pretty empty, though.  cheers!

update:  check out a slideshow of a few more pics.

20 December 2010

o timmy tree

timmy the code monkey from thinkgeek.com is wishing you a merry christmas from the tree.  he’s all monkey, all christmas, and all over the tree.  nothing gets you in the season better than timmy donning old tannenbaum.

check the video on youtube.

15 December 2010


i have been amped about tron legacy since i heard they were making it.  the previews look spiffy.  i already have my ticket fandango-ed for the friday showing on the imax.  i have been listening to the soundtrack (by daft punk) for a good while now.  love the soundtrack.

now, the hard part.  waiting until friday.  is it still weird to everyone else that disney did the original tron?

i can has lightcycle for christmas?

end of line.

13 December 2010

december snow

it’s been a while since we’ve had a decent snow in december. we got about four to five inches overnight. the weather reports indicate more white stuff in the near future too. i’m not sure about it’s stick-ability, but i am still excited. i keep hoping we’ll end up with a white christmas this year. of course, i’ve been hoping for that every year, but our odds are better this time around. and with snow before the official winter season, i hoping for a real winter instead of the cold, rainy versions we’ve been experiencing.

the one thing i miss on days like this is a fireplace. the smell of wood burning and the unparalleled warmth cannot be reproduced by anything artificial. i do, however, have freshly ground coffee. if i had some freshly cooked bacon, i’d be set.

up the street

down the street