26 September 2012


i have received quite a few links recently regarding the predicted bacon shortage of 2013. i have been advised to start stocking up, which is always good advice. i even have been accused of being part of the problem, about which i have no beef (pun intended).

some on twitter recently termed this catastrophe as “aporkalypse.” well tagged, i say. if this shortage is indeed our future reality, stocking up is the best plan you can have.

am i stocking up?


i have been stocking up bacon for the zombie apocalypse, which could break out at any time. i don’t need to word paint the picture of zombies overrunning the planet and having zero bacon while trying to survive.

even if you don’t believe in the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, who doesn’t have some bacon in their house? if your pantry has pancake mix and/or your fridge has eggs, then breakfast is imminent. and you know that calls for bacon! wutup?

so, you have been warned. plan now, bacon later.

06 September 2012

move along, move along

after almost 11 years working for the e. w. scripps company, i’m moving along to another job.

in september of last year, they had shuffled people at corporate around for some upcoming organization changes. in january of 2012, they announced that they were moving operations back to cincinnati. (working remotely wasn’t a business model they felt was effective, or at least that’s the reason they conveyed for this choice.) job opportunities would be available for us if we wanted to move to cincinnati. there were a few who took them up on that offer, but most of the group started to find other jobs, most locally.

i updated my résumé, passed it along to many people, and posted on linkedinmonster, and dice. most of my relative hits came from dice. i had a few interviews for a couple of positions which were telecommute. i had wanted to stay in the area since my family lives very close to me but was willing to move if needed. however, none of these positions panned out. i am continuing to follow some local leads and have hope one of them will work out soon.

i will miss the people at scripps with whom i’ve worked. i had one of the best bosses and will miss working for mike. i enjoyed the team i worked with, the occasional long nights launching projects, collaborating on events like #coffeefriday (started by will hortman), and watching journalists in action (while sharing space at the knoxville news sentinel and visiting other papers such as treasure coast in florida). i worked with some very sharp people and learn much. many great memories.

it’s been fun!