24 September 2008

two shuttles

sts-125 mission is the next shuttle mission for nasa.  atlantis is prepped for launch on october 10 to do some repair work on the hubble telescope.

my cousin (first and a half cousin?) sent me some links to photos of the shuttle taken by rod ostoski, a photographer who lives in florida.  the set of photos at the link below shows a rare scene of both the atlantis and the endeavour on launch pads a and b in the same shot.

STS-125 Space Shuttle Atlantis Mission to Hubble

the photographer has some other shuttle pictures in some other galleries if you are interested.  check out the links to his galleries at the top of his page (at the link above).

18 September 2008

knight transformer

“knight rider” is back…again.  the next episode was on hulu this week.  interesting.  i have a feeling the science behind the car is not all going to be explained away.  nanotechnology turns normal car into transformer.  i like science that is not real, yet plausible.  i’m still waiting to be plaused.

here’s the episode on hulu:

16 September 2008

talk like a pirate day

coming this friday is talk like a pirate day.  you have a few days to brush up on your swashbucklin’ accent.  make sure you are ready!

13 September 2008

revision3 = techtv: the next gen

back in the day, techtv was the best!  “the screensavers” totally ruled the show.  after comcast purchased techtv from paul allen, the coolness factor began to decay.  now, “attack of the show” on g4 is what comcast turned “the screensavers” into.  blah!

time passes and now revision3 has collected all the personalities from the old days into very much techtv-ish programming as vidcasts.  check out this line up from revision3:

jim louderback is revision3 ceo.  david prager is vice president of special projects and co-founder of revision3.  veronica belmont from former c|net’s “buzz out loud” podcast now co-hosts tekzilla with patrick norton.

to put together a collection of these shows is the weekly equivalent of watching “the screensavers.”

(note:  some of these shows now fall into an uncensored category due to no longer under the jurisdiction of the fcc.)

09 September 2008

less crack, more science

who knew rainbows were unnatural?  does this surprise you at all this warning comes from california?  (as seen on the fail blog.)

05 September 2008

comcast needs a break (up)

this article by ars technica covering comcast’s latest shenanigans proves the point that the company is being run by money overlords who really are not in favor of technology:

Comcast sues FCC, wants P2P throttling order overturned

i feel sorry for you if you are a comcast victim customer.  if i were one, i’d feel sorry for me too.  fortunately, i’m using knology, which isn’t run by the insane.

i think they need to be broken up like the phone company was many years ago.  if anything, maybe some regulation of the internet/cable companies would be in order.  oh, and definitely some net neutrality.

04 September 2008

facebook freaky

it’s a little freaky to check out facebook and find this entry in my news line up:

friends with strangers

the reason is because facebook wouldn’t call me by my full name in my own feed and also because i don’t remember ever asking or confirming susie kenn as a friend.

this is what i get for accepting the friend invitation of another mark mcintyre in australia.  we both admit to the freakiness of being friends with each other.

03 September 2008

hug a developer

if your software development manager never coded any major project in his life, i feel sorry for you!

02 September 2008

google browser

i wonder if one day we’ll replace the term “internet” with “google”?  google is already a verb to indicate search.  what if it turns out they become the internet?

they have launched, unlaunched, and will shortly relaunch their own browser which is said to make surfing better with their multiple process tabbed-design app named chrome.  (press conference today at 2:00p to maybe give it back to us.  synchronize your watches.)

i’m actually eager to see this.  as much as i love firefox, i wonder if this tool will improve loading up as many sites in multiple tabs as i end up having.

phsyics hip-hop