20 July 2014

android L on my nexus 5

the horrible battery life of the android 4.4.4 (kitkat) update has finally pushed me to installing the android L sdk on my nexus 5. i followed this simple guide from lifehacker to swap out the rom.

i did screw up a little. i made backups of all my stuff including imaging my 4.4.4 rom. but then i forgot tot pull them off my n5 before executing the update which effectively wiped it all out. (the titanium backups for some reason didn’t send to my dropbox despite having space free. now, i can’t back up components with it since it’s not android L ready at the time of this post.)

so far, it seems stable. the interface is clean, and i like the notifications especially on the lock screen.

time will tell whether the battery life will improve from the two steps backwards with 4.4.4.




update: after running the sdk for a while, the battery life is improved over the kitkat 4.4.4 upgrade. that last kitkat upgrade was pretty bad. let’s hope the full L-release doesn’t take us back a step again.

oh, i did find a few apps not L-ready. amazon’s shopping app’s buy/share buttons are functionless. no matter how many times you press them, nothing happens.

also, weather underground’s app has the daily/hourly precipitation percentages missing from the display. that one is a little odd, but that seems to be the only problem with the app.

10 July 2014

day four at the beach

we had been hearing about a storm coming toward us: hurricane authur. it was to hit on thursday, so we made the most of the beach today.

many waves to catch. we take these soft, water-designed balls we toss in the ocean playing a game of keep away. it's boys against the girls. we are outnumbered, but we always win. go us!

burns are better. trying not to make things worse. previous places still hurt but not as bad. i should be good by tomorrow.

ate some chinese food for dinner. not as good as our own china lee.

we played some more poker this evening. mom wasn't quite the threat she was the night before. these games have been fun. there are some shrewd players in my family.

09 July 2014

day three at the beach

got up early for sunrise. got some good pics. (will post them on flickr and update post.)

also got more beach time today.

found out that my forehead and stomach suffered from sun burning despite my use of spf 15. might have washed off while i was catching some waves doing a little body surfing.

mom cleaned up at poker this evening. not sure if i should be impressed or worried?


06 July 2014

day one at the beach

ahh…back in north myrtle beach. i love this place. the weather in was stormy, so the nice weather today is welcomed.

kiersten and i made our second annual trip down to main street via the beach. didn’t realize it beforehand, but that’s a seven mile round trip walk. i was in better shape this year than last. (a year ago i was just past a knee procedure.)

wore enough sun protection…except for my feet. tops of them burned. but i had put enough on even overdosing them since i know how they tend to burn. walking in the water must have saltwater washed them.