17 March 2009

shuttle discovery launches

i caught the launch of the shuttle discovery on my new tv this past sunday night.  this was taken with the phone on my camera aimed at my tv.  i know, very stupid low-tech, but the launch itself was impressive.  the audio didn’t get converted correctly, so it’s best to turn that down while watching this.

shuttle launch (as seen on nasa tv) from mark mcintyre on vimeo.

09 March 2009

new tv

the television on the left has been at mock manor since about the time i bought this house. it has put in ten long, good years. it was starting to show some wear with odd green coloring on the right side of the tube after being active for a little bit of time. it was time for a change.

i had been planning a replacement for a couple of years. other things seem to get in the way, but the pricing on 1080p plasmas finally hit a price the tax return could help me out with.

now, i can enjoy “house” in a very large screen format!


07 March 2009


it took me a while to get up and get moving this morning.  well, not quite moving that much yet.  i feel so tired still.  but i was able to finally rouse myself after benig awake for two hours to make some breakfast of some blueberry/cranberry pancakes, eggs (over medium), and bacon.  i fired up the griddle and made the morning goodness.

the time change this evening will take its toll on me if i don’t get to bed rather early.  here is where planning ahead is key.

pancakes and bacon

06 March 2009

naming node 3

nasa is running a poll right now to take votes on the next node to be added to the international space station.  node three is headed up into space during a december launch and will add room to the earth-orbiting facility.

node one was named unity.  node two was named harmony.  as of this post, node three is running high on the list to be named serenity.  (all you browncoats get over there and vote!)

the poll can be found at the following link: