27 January 2011


one of our papers, caller.com, is located in corpus christi, texas.  this past week, i traveled to the lone star state with looch, one of our project managers, to work through some matters with the integration of a new system at work and its communication with our existing online systems.  we met up with lakara from one of our florida papers who has a working knowledge of the publishing system who helped with the process.  it was a profitable couple of days.

corpus is a nice town too.  the weather reminded me of early spring in knoxtropolis.  the city seemed very colorful.  the uss lexingtonsits in the bay not far from our hotel.  there were some nice places to eat too.

10 January 2011

a good snow

this is finally a very good snow.  this is what winter is all about.  the roads are a cold slush underneath a few (several?) inches of snow.  and it’s still snowing at this point.  this calls for some coffee and breakfast.  then work…from mock manor.  (if i won’t spend two hours for work lunches, there’s no way i’m wasting time driving with those nuts who creep along in the “first snow they’ve ever seen!”)