26 October 2012

fall colors

as is usual, the leaves are looking awesome this year as the chlorophyll drains for their impending end of life. i love this time of year just for this reason. the few weeks of being able to drive around this side of tennessee are the most enjoyable.

last friday, i snapped a few shots of some of the dying leaves. always a fun challenge to find them. (note: you aren’t allowed to take pictures of the trees in the west town mall parking lot.)


more of this year’s captures are on flickr.

25 October 2012


a year ago, i headed off to visit family in south africa. while there, i was able to go hunting springbok on the farm of a friend of my cousin.

bagged two, originally uploaded by mocktech.

i had no intention of bringing anything back of that hunt other than pictures and memories. but when david, my cousin’s friend, cut off the skull of one of the does, i rethought the matter.

i received in the mail on tuesday those horns mounted as a trophy.


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22 October 2012

first days

first days are not my favorite. i like being able to go into work and get stuff done. and even though i know i can’t get anything done because i don’t know enough, i still want to be able to feel somewhat productive.

today, i started as a systems engineer at scripps networks as a contract employee. i have met more of the team i will be working with and have met some of the other teams i will interact with. someone came by and told me my phone should be working soon. i think there will be quite a bit to wrap my head around, but i am ready to start piecing all of it together.

i am glad to be here. it’s good to see some of the guys i worked with several years ago. and i’m definitely happy to have a job.