06 October 2021

Fedora Updates Remove vim-default-editor Package

I just recently ran an overdue update on my desktop system. What I didn't expect was for a simple dnf upgrade -y to uninstall the vim-default-editor which is now an intentional choice over that trash editor nano. I consider this action a bug.

Nevertheless, these are the methods I have employed to prevent this shameful deed from happening again. I have added a vim.conf to the /etc/dnf/protected.d directory with the following contents:

       │ File: /etc/dnf/protected.d/vim.conf
   1   │ vim-common
   2   │ vim-powerline
   3   │ vim-minimal
   4   │ vim-enhanced
   5   │ vim-default-editor

This won't prevent nano or nano-default-editor from being reinstalled. So, I added this line in my /etc/dnf/dnf.conf file:


Now, dnf will totally ignore those nano packages from visibility. Safe and clean system!