08 May 2014

boston marathon

a few weeks ago, my sister ran the boston marathon. she had qualified last year after completing the knoxville marathon.

i planned a trip to watch her run the twenty-six point two. she, her husband, and i spent a few days visiting the historical city where our country had many if its beginnings.

among the sights, we ate at the union oyster house, walked the freedom trail, saw old north church and bunker hill, and toured the uss constitution.




on easter sunday evening, i joined david and wendi at the pasta dinner designed to give the runners a load of carbs the night before the big race. so many people!


the next day, i met up with david in the boston common. wendi had jumped on a bus earlier than planned because it was a chilly morning. david and i walked around for a while, visiting mike’s pastries for the second day and then camping out at cheer’s to eat some lunch. we had some time before my sis was going to be close enough to catch.

however, our planning of the public transit system has some flaws. the biggest was failing to calculate the number of stops to reach her at boston college. we ended up turning around and catching her within a mile before the finish line. due to a faulty camera, i was only able to get a few shots of her, all of which missed her on approach. (she is wearing the white cap pointing toward us in response to our cheering.)


when she crossed the finish line, her time was 3:52:10. this was only ten minutes longer than her qualifying time, a time which i think is pretty good since boston was a course she’d never run before.

i think she did great! i’m very proud of my sister! this is an amazing accomplishment!