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gnome 3

i’ve been a little late to the game on the gnome 3 love/hate bandwagon.  truth is, i did load up a beta version of fedora 15 with the gnome 3 and messed around with it for brief spot day before the actual release.  i liked what i saw, but at the time i was still clutching onto gnome 2 to start using daily.  i reasoned that i’d eventually jump in when everything was no longer beta.

release time came, and i balked.  my normal rush to install the latest fedora on my personal laptop didn’t happen.  i was very apprehensive.  i did manage to install it on my netbook and worked well with in that environment.   to me, it seemed better fit for that platform anyway.  ok, let’s be honest:  i was just too used to my compiz and transparent terminals and rotating cube and wobbly windows to give them up.  of course, a change like this on my work laptop would mean slower productivity while i unlearned what i had learned.

that’s the boring stuff.  i finally installed on personal lappy and work lappy. …