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RESOLVED: hacking twitter does not violate their terms of service

UPDATE:  twitter responded a few moment ago with this notice:

@dino has resolved this issue for me
much thanks to @dino for this response!


at least, that’s what i’ve been told by @dino at twitter.

so, let me lay this out:  in 2007, i signed up for twitter using the handle @mock.  i used a simple password, not one complex, because i wasn’t sure if this twitter thing would take off.  i should have changed it long ago, but i didn’t and that was my fault.

a week ago monday, i noticed i had been receiving twitter email digests and wanted to turn them off.  when i tried to log into twitter as @mock, i couldn’t.  after a few times of failure, i requested a password change email.  it never came.  on closer examination, i noticed finally that my username was changed from @mock to @mockockocklol.  what?!  i felt anxiety starting to load as the realization of what had happened unfolded.  when i tried logging in with that modified username, i was able to get in with my original passwo…