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new laptop

when i started working for scripps networks interactive (sni) back in september of 2012, i purchased an inexpensive asus laptop (u47a), which was a solid machine. it was made well and ran my fedora linux beautifully. the only thing i would like to have changed about it was the resolution size. a fourteen inch screen size only yielded a 1366×768 resolution. more memory would have been nice too, but the 8gb i had installed was enough.

in thinking about upgrading, i had several requirements:

needed to support up to 16gb ram
neeeded to have a higher resolution than 1366×768
backlit keyboard
15″ screen
no numeric keypad to make me type off center

after looking at lenovo, sony, hp, asus, samsung, and gigabtye, i found what i was looking for at dell. their xps 15 was the only laptop that had everything on my list. the resolution on this laptop’s 15″ display is 3200×1800! my requirements met along with several others: backlit keyboard (without a numeric keypad), 16gb memory, bluetooth 4.0, usb 3.0…