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just over a week ago, i traveled to athens, georgia to hear “the sing-off” winning group pentatonix perform at the georgia theatre.

these guys are amazing! the things they achieve vocally with only five members in their group prove that talent and teamwork is enough. i followed these guys through their competition on nbc’s “the sing-off” several years ago. they met their musical challenges with incredible creativity only getting better in each new episode. (watch some of their performances on youtube.) at one point, sing-off judge shawn stockman commented after another outstanding performance, “i think you guys were sent back from the future to save acapella music and do it in futuristic way.” if that is their mission, i’d say we’re in good shape!

i splurged for the vip tickets which included some time in for their sound check and a meet and greet. they tested one song with us standing there and then took some of our questions for a few minutes. we also got an autograph time along wit…