13 September 2008

revision3 = techtv: the next gen

back in the day, techtv was the best!  “the screensavers” totally ruled the show.  after comcast purchased techtv from paul allen, the coolness factor began to decay.  now, “attack of the show” on g4 is what comcast turned “the screensavers” into.  blah!

time passes and now revision3 has collected all the personalities from the old days into very much techtv-ish programming as vidcasts.  check out this line up from revision3:

jim louderback is revision3 ceo.  david prager is vice president of special projects and co-founder of revision3.  veronica belmont from former c|net’s “buzz out loud” podcast now co-hosts tekzilla with patrick norton.

to put together a collection of these shows is the weekly equivalent of watching “the screensavers.”

(note:  some of these shows now fall into an uncensored category due to no longer under the jurisdiction of the fcc.)