13 April 2009

bacon explosion

when the bacon explosion first was seen on nytimes.com, i received countless pings to the link from everyone i knew.  (it was more like a blitz.)  i knew when i first saw it that one day i would have to try this wonderful recipe.  and last evening, that day arrived.

i used the recipe found at bbqaddicts.com for this endeavor.  as the author of this recipe is a barbecue connoisseur, he chose a barbecue rub for his weave.  i received a coffee rub from a pal of mine for my birthday which i thought would be perfect for bacon.  i chose jimmy dean sausage, a pound of regular and a pound of hot, for my loaf ingredients.  and the bacon…i don’t recall the brand, perhaps thomas.  it was a good quality bacon, needless to say.  my cooking time was about two hours, although another 30 minutes would have made it better.

everyone who tried it seemed to like it.  even pat was on board with a helping (or two).  since pictures are worth a bunch of words, click image for slideshow.

in the oven