11 October 2009

baby needs a new pair of shoes

recently, the pilot’s shoes have been showing some serious wear.  i knew they were in critical mode, but a dose of cold reality hit me in the face a couple of weeks ago when i was stepping back to my vehicle in the starbucks parking lot.  i caught the glimpse of a screw embedded in my front tire.  these tires are practically bald to begin with, and as i stepped forward to examine the screw i noticed also some of the belts exposed on the edge of the tire.  great.  time for new ones sooner than i had thought i could get away with it.

the bald tires had me already driving a bit more cautiously than normal.  i know what happens when tires like that hit some puddles.  it still made me nervous.  i had a pal tell me about a tire place in maryville, murell brothers, but that’s quite the trek if i need to have service done after the fact.  so, i checked out my more local tire choice, matlock tire.  i found a tire i had in mind and asked for prices.  it was going to cost me some coin, but these items usually do.  when i vocalized my plans to have my tires replaced, a guy i work with asked me which tires i was getting.  when i showed him the set at tirerack.com, he pointed me to general tire’s grabber hts.  these tires were at the top of the performance/review list at tirerack.  (my initial choice was just below it in the number two spot.)  but these tires were remarkably cheaper.

i called matlock back and asked about the grabbers.  they could have them in the shop from their warehouse in the morning.  i saved almost $300.00 total on my tire purchase.  adding matlock’s service package per tire still had me in a wallet-happy range.  wallet-happy is mock-happy too.

i’m getting the top-notch tire for a lot less that i thought i’d be spending.  good deal.  thanks to will for hooking me up with the general tire option.