29 October 2010

another day off

normally, i’d have been pto for a day and a half now, would have hiked somewhere in the mountains, and have eaten some serious steak and bacon. but this year, i’m still here in knoxtropolis. i realized that for the past two years, i’ve taken the second half of this particular week off. wednesday and thursday had left me feeling like i just wanted to get away form the office, but i didn’t know why until i reviewed my history. but i did decide to take friday off else i would have probably gone insane.  this is what i get for not taking a relaxing beach holiday this year.  i’ll have to see about doing that for next summer.

today’s plan:  compile christmas list (at my mom’s request), coffee at starbucks and some chatting in irc, run some errands, cook some chili, watch some tv, attend my niece’s [real] football game, and prepare to sleep in tomorrow morning.  i might nap in there somewhere too.