26 September 2012


i have received quite a few links recently regarding the predicted bacon shortage of 2013. i have been advised to start stocking up, which is always good advice. i even have been accused of being part of the problem, about which i have no beef (pun intended).

some on twitter recently termed this catastrophe as “aporkalypse.” well tagged, i say. if this shortage is indeed our future reality, stocking up is the best plan you can have.

am i stocking up?


i have been stocking up bacon for the zombie apocalypse, which could break out at any time. i don’t need to word paint the picture of zombies overrunning the planet and having zero bacon while trying to survive.

even if you don’t believe in the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, who doesn’t have some bacon in their house? if your pantry has pancake mix and/or your fridge has eggs, then breakfast is imminent. and you know that calls for bacon! wutup?

so, you have been warned. plan now, bacon later.