20 January 2015

new york city over the sofa

a few years back, i took my first trip to new york city. it was a great time. i took my dslr (a canon rebel xti) and nabbed many photos of the city. i didn’t get to do everything i wanted to do on my initial visit and decided i would come back to complete my list.

last october, i finally made my return. although this trip had a different primary goal: to fetch an image of the city which i could hang on the wall behind my new sofa.


after passing through my photos, i finally found the one that i wanted to use as the image for the picture. this was taken from the top rockefeller center on friday evening during my visit. i think the image is a little dark compared to the original, but it still looks great on the wall in my living room. f/32 Photo did a great job making this into a 40×60 inch piece of wall art. (not to say that my photography as wall art, but it is my wall art.)