08 February 2017

bad routers continued

after last night's rant which included a few frustrated posts on twitter, i received a reply from linksys's support account, @linksyscares. i responded with some information but never really heard back from them.

in the course of my checking, i realized that v1 firmware on my v2 wrt-1900acs router. i had never used a file to flash the firmware. i opted for the automatic stuff. so, this v1 firmware was on it out of the box. hope, maybe!

i got home, downloaded the v2 firmware, and did the hard reset on the router to dump the dd-wrt. i got the firmware installed after a little bit of wrestling and proceeded to start the configuration. this is where things got bad again.

the wrt-1900acs with the right firmware continued it pattern of restarting every few minutes. i never actually got the setup completed because the restarts would stymie my attempts to adjust any settings. after spending yet another hour of this repeated madness, i shut down the linksys, powered up the asus, and will now wait until my replacement netgear nighthawk arrives tomorrow to (hopefully) put an end to this horrible experience.

i really had hope there might be a positive end to this with linksys. asus has been average when responding to email but never on twitter. the lack of follow up after two tweets from @linksyscares made me think i would have it resolved better than ordering more hardware. they seemed sincere.

but now, i need to go play some xbox. i think i can do this with a hardline even. draw your own conclusions here. i know what mine are.