07 December 2008

the whole story

this weekend, i sat down with my friend tara who had only seen the original star wars movie and watched all the movies in story order from beginning to end including the animated (not cg) clone wars.

we started on friday evening with the first two episodes.  i came back the next morning to pick up with “the clone wars” which lead right up to episode three.  we finally finished up around 10:00p saturday night.  i don’t remember every watching the original three (episodes four, five, and six) in one sitting because that would have been too much.  this was different since tara didn’t know the back story.  watching with someone who hasn’t seen is much more fun.  even though “i’m your father” was not a surprise to her, a couple of other aspects were:  following palpatine as the emperor and finding lando to betray han.

bacon bread for saturday morning and chili in the afternoon fueled us for the weekend event.  and for those who are going to ask (and probably whine about it in the comments), we watched the revised versions of the “new hope,” “empire,” and “jedi.”  i do have the versions of those movies in their original theatrical releases.  the updated versions include some extra scenes edited in which i tend to favor.

i had a good feeling about this.  it was a fun weekend.