26 November 2008

some dog news

this past weekend went back to typical dog problems again.  i ended up calling the sheriff’s office twice this weekend due to late night dog barkings.  on saturday night, neighbor put dog up.  but they left town for thanksgiving vacation it seems on sunday, and they left doggy free to roam outside all night every night since then.

dog woke me up four times sunday night/monday morning.  i put a call into animal control again monday afternoon.  this would be the fourth call to them.  i reported the address and the problem again.  then later that afternoon i got a call back from them.  they wanted some more information about the dog and its barking behavior.  as it turns out, they came by on monday but didn’t see the dog.  since it was raining, abby usually stays indoors and rarely wanders out.  since she barks at night, it’s also possible she was napping for her big night life.  they recognized her to be a night time barker.

i asked them what was next.  they had left a note on the neighbor’s door requiring the owner to call them upon receiving it.  they would discuss the complaints with the the owner and suggest the use of a shock collar.  they would monitor that progress and go from there.  worst case scenario for owner is a citation, which looks like it might cost the neighbor over $100.00 for the noise problem.  that might get his attention to addressing this problem.  (shock collars cost from $25.00 up to $150.00 depending on model.)  they will have a nice surprise when they get back from their holiday vacation time.

i have some hope now that my neighbor will be motivated to action.  i thought getting the sheriff involved to begin with would be enough.  it amazes me that it would not make a difference.  i know if i had a neighbor complaining about a dog i owned, it would be enough to deal with it just from that encounter.  law officers would only scare me more.  doesn’t seem to have made a dent in my neighbor.  as my family has expressed, we just don’t get it.