10 June 2009

fedora eleven

f11 release

yesterday was the official launch of fedora 11.  tonight was when i upgraded a laptop to the new os.  i’ll save upgrading my work laptop until i have a few assurances first from my home lappy that things will be fine.  the main consideration is the open source nvidia driver set, nouveau, which comes with f11.  if that works with my work laptop video chipset, i might be happier than i have been in a while.

a few other features that are of interest to me:

  • another big bonus i’m looking forward to is the twenty second boot time.

  • how about individual volume controls for different apps?  yes, please.

  • gnome 2.26 is the default desktop.  kde 4.2 is available for those who need bigger buttons and more of a windows vista/7 feel.

  • and ext4 allowing for up to 16TB file sizes.  just in case, you know.

i have to say the artwork is looking pretty good too, good quality.

in all my dealings with fedora, i’ve had to content with several technologies a bit behind the release date, such as the 3-d effects.  everything i had installed worked out of the gate for this install.  were i to do an upgrade, it would have been practically seemless.  the team did a good job with this release.