31 July 2009

coffee/donut friday

it’s coffee friday, or for those of you on twitter, #coffeefriday.  every couple of weeks, will “gonzo” hortman grabs some java and brings it in.  at first, he tried some starbucks.  then he moved to a local old city java for the bean brew.

as this tradition grew, i started bringing donuts.  krispy kreme, of course.  then with the addition of old city java came other goodies like bacon chocolate chip cookies and carrot cakes.  this has turned into something i look forward to.  right now, i’m sitting here enjoying the moment.  but come monday, the countdown to coffee friday will commence again.

here are a few vids of my acquisition of the donuts:

donut friday – the ordering from mark mcintyre on Vimeo.

donut friday – the receiving from mark mcintyre on Vimeo.

donut friday – the transportation from mark mcintyre on Vimeo.