13 September 2010

ohio + linux + fest = ohio linuxfest

i spent this weekend in ohio at ohio linuxfest (olf) 2010.  this was my first linux conference i’ve attended.  since i’ve signed on as a fedora ambassador, i donned the t-shirt and help with the promotion table.  i met Southern_Gentlem, SGS, spot, stickster, rbergeron, three-thirty, mchua, and kc8hfi.  (i though kc8hfi stood us up, but he had just found some college buddies working another table and was hanging out with them.)  it’s great to meet the people i’ve only ever really known on irc.

Southern_Gentlem, threethirty, SGS all instructing the world about fedora linux

i sat in on stormy’s opening keynote.  of the few points she made, the one about how much of our private data can be better controlled using firefox was surprising to me.  i was also intrigued about the tomboy notes app, something of which i have not made much use.

i sat in on stickster’s pyGtk talk.  it was a  good presentation.  i’ve fooled around with pyGtk before, so this was a refresher.  it was presented well.  i just wish he had more time available to expound on more of his examples.

john “maddog” hall – thanks for all the fish!

i had never heard john “maddog” hall speak before, but i was familiar with the name.  his closing session at the end of the day was an enlightening trip of his forty years of jobs which included his introduction and involvement with linux from the operating system’s beginning.

we handed out all the media, almost all the stickers, and the t-shirts went like hotcakes!  i wasn’t there for the t-shirt giveaway, but i heard it took only 15 minutes to unload the batch SouthernGentlem brought with him.  everyone wanted them!  and why not?  it is fedora, after all.

fedora media

threethirty and SGS waiting for the next question

two OLPCs and a netbook showing off the fedora (and stickster at the red hat table)

it’s been a while since i’d taken a road trip.  this weekend was pleasant.

oh, and the accommodations were very nice.  this was sunrise from my window on saturday morning.