13 March 2011

facebook messaging is not email

facebook messaging is not email.  i knew this was bound to be confused on a personal level at some point.  the discussion about this at work occurred over a year ago.  my colleague pointed out that kids of this coming generation wouldn’t know what email really was because facebook’s messaging would be their norm.  i have an email address.  i check my email constantly.  i don’t always check facebook.  i wouldn’t consider that a reliable source of contact for someone i wanted to reach.  email and sms would be my initial weapons of choice.

i recently saw alex albrecht’s take on facebook events, which coincides with this philosophy, and i totally agree with him.  the clip from the episode is below, but be warned that as is typical with every diggnation episode there is some offensive language.

Bearish on Google & How to Secure Your Facebook

should you stop using facebook?  no.  should you not message me via facebook?  no.  if you do message me via facebook, should you expect a timely answer?  no.  i have missed events because people assumed i would see it in facebook.  that’s why email will always win over facebook.  (also, facebook is not the internet either.)