16 March 2011

fedora swag at pycon

i attended my first pycon just last week.  along with a few colleagues, we hit the ATL and enjoyed tutorials and some very interesting sessions.  there is so much to python i feel i don’t really know, and this type of conference whets the appetite to explore the language as it has evolved.

toshio sent out an email to the fedora mailing lists asking who might show up at pycon.  dave malcolm was there giving a couple of talks, one of which i attended.  (it was a very good session.)  along with toshio and david, i met neville.  (luke was there too, but i never actually spoke to him.)

ben sent the box of swag to toshio who in turn gave it to me.  on friday, which was first day of the main conference, i located the free grab table and put out some media, pens, pins, and balloons right before i walked into a session.  when i came out of that session, the stuff was gone.

wow.  next morning, i brought down more of the fedora stuff and put it out on the same table.  again, next break for the sessions, it was all gone…except for maybe one pen.  sunday morning, i put out the rest of the media, pens, pins, stickers, and balloons.  i didn’t check back later, but given the response the first couple of times i think it all might have found a home.

in all that saw, fedora was represented.  one of the network sessions i attended included a live security spin with the speaker’s scripts.  of course, dave malcolm highlighted the fedora blue.  and those of us who did attend wore our fedora shirts at some point during the time.

i don’t have any pics.  it was good to meet toshio, dave, and neville.  (luke, next time i’ll have a convo with you.)  it’s good to be part of the fedora community.

fedora events: pycon 2011