05 May 2011

guy spacing

i have a few more things i’d like to post, but this photo caught my attention as a perfect example of guy spacing, and i decided to quick post it.

any guy who looks at this photo will immediate think to themselves, “makes sense.”  why?  proper guy buffer among all the men.

when chairs are normally set up in a room for meetings, they are put as close as they can be to each other to maximize the seating space.  however, this presents a potential uncomfortable condition for guys sitting next to each other.  it is the same as the seats in coach on any commercial flight.  tight for everyone, especially guys.

however, you could put a woman in between each of the first four gents (from the left), and they wouldn’t mind.  put a guy in any of those three chairs and squirming will commence.  this is clearly shown as hillary sitting between admiral mullen and the vice president.  ignoring the extended spacing between her and the vp, the space between the her and the admiral is inconsequential.

guys need guy spacing.  we don’t mind touching women so much, but we do mind touching other men.  this picture is the epitome of that principle.  lesson to be taken:  please space the chairs out a little.  please?

credit:  this photo is from the white house flickr account which can be found here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/whitehouse/5680707744/in/set-72157626507626189/