13 June 2011

self 2011

i traveled to spartanburg, sc, this weekend for southeast linuxfest.  i got to meet some of the names i’ve only ever seen on irc.  i got to hear some good talks.  the favorite was the kdenlive talk by klaatu.  (they have really matured that piece of software.)

the f15 media was shipped to us but hadn’t made it to the hotel by friday.  a few of us started burning media to hand out on saturday.  we made a dent in the stack of dvds by the time it was over.  i cashed out a little earlier than the others as i don’t do late very well anymore.

when i made it down to the table the next morning, i found the official f15 media on the table.  fedex had moved it from salt lake city to spartanburg by 9:15a.  the media is nice, the crowning achievement being the live media which makes it possible to boot into any of four desktops on either 32- or 64-bit.  (thanks to spot for that work.)

check out a few pics: