10 November 2008

two week goal

ok, i’m well into november, and i have zero christmas shopping done.  i like to be done with at least the bulk of it before thanksgiving.  my past goals have wanted it done well before, but i’ve always fallen miserably short.  perhaps it’s not realistic to make this attempt since history shows i can’t achieve it.

nevertheless, i am going to make the attempt again.  for the next two weeks i will endeavor to get as much of if not all of my christmas shopping done.  evenings will be spent on the couch with laptop on lap searching and pricing the gifts for my friends and family.

on a side note, my sis has already put up her christmas tree.  i’ve been tempted pull down the decorations and go to town too, but i’ve always set it up the week of thanksgiving.  now, i wonder if putting it up this early might not capitalize on the work it takes to lug that big, bulky tree-in-a-box out of the attic and assemble it.  i might go ahead and get those gears in motion.  maybe i’ll try it this year.  and next year, i’ll pull it down the day before halloween.  if the stores can do it, why not me, right?