31 October 2008

sleeping on the floor

sir barksalot was doing her thing last night.  she barked continually from 9:45p until sometime after 11:00p.  (she might have taken a small break in there somewhere.)  i put in a call to the knox sheriff’s non-emergency number again.  i don’t know what time they drove by, but the owners weren’t at home when i headed to my sleeping bag around 10:30p.

i rolled it out in my office to get some relief from the noise, although there was no comfort in the location for the night.  it was not a good night’s sleep.  i am not sure when the patrol car went by since i needed to get some sleep.  when i woke up this morning at 5:15a, the owners had returned.

i’ve called animal control again today to continue the process of having them deal with the dog.  i still subscribe to the reality that the only permanent resolution to this problem now is to have the dog removed from the owner.  their inconsistent addressing of this problem shows that is the only way.