09 November 2012

back home a year ago

it was about this time last year that i returned home from my journey to south africa. in fact, i had already begun work on blog posts of that event which i had planned to deliver a day at a time shortly after my return. however, i got sidetracked and the job grew daunting in my mind and it never go completed. it was a shame, actually. most of the work was done.

with the arrival of the springbok horns a week ago, i decided to revisit getting this done. plus it was the anniversary of my trip just now, so another good reason to get these posts out there. the pictures, of course, have been out on my flickr account since last year.

over the next week, a new post will show up highlighting some of that adventure. some pictures are from the set but not on flickr.

i had hoped i might get another chance to go this year before i started my new job with scripps networks, but the schedule wouldn’t allow. maybe next year. we’ll see.

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