13 November 2012

south africa: family

i had dinner with shaun and tessa the first night. i met their two boys. justin, the older, took a strange interest in my camera.

justin and his dad

tessa had made up some chicken, very tasty. we had a good evening chatting. after dinner as we were relaxing, duncan came over. i remember telling him: “you are much taller in person than on skype.” we all talked about the flight over, expectations, and of some of the plans for the week. duncan despite admitting not being much of a planner had quite a few things on tap.

the boys

on monday, i got to see uncle alex as duncan, he, and i headed out for a trip to port alfred. before we left town, i found aunt jackie at shaun and tess’s helping watch the boys. it didn’t seem like four years since we last saw each other…or maybe it was just the jet lag.

in port alfred, we dropped off some wood to richard, a craftsman who makes some beautiful tables with scraps. we then headed down into town. i saw the kowie fm radio station where both shaun and duncan had once worked. their broadcasting station is in a small mall. uncle alex and i did a little shopping while duncan was troubleshooting some computer matters. after that, we drove up the coast of port alfred and had lunch at a little place. burgers and chips. saw some more of the ocean. the wind was still high and a walk at the mouth of the inlet for water into the town left us with sandblasted faces.

after a small stop at a super spar, we went back home. i ate over at duncan and deanne’s monday night. i met their two very excited girls. i delivered some items of request to them: cherry coke, coffee, and chocolate. we chatted for a good long time until we felt it was probably a good idea to get some sleep. our next episode would take us hunting.

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