11 October 2008

bacon friday

yesterday was unofficially bacon friday. i took the day and tried various bacon recipes and tried them out to see if they were indeed good or bad ideas. the question exists: can bacon really make other food items better?

my first attempt were the bacon cinnamon rolls.  these turned out to taste as good as they sound.  if you think they don’t sound good, you have to do a bit of logic:  you eat bacon for breakfast, you eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast, both are good, they should be good together.  and they are.  i approve this recipe.

next was to prep some bacon chili for the evening meal.  i couldn’t find a decent recipe for this at foodnetwork.com.  so, i modified my old standard recipe and added bacon to the crockpot of chili as it cooked.  this turned out well, too, but the bacon flavor wasn’t strong enough.  next time, there needs to be a stronger bacon presence.  i believe replace one of the two pounds of beef with a pound of bacon will help.  breaking the bacon into smaller pieces is also advised.

the final baconized treat was the bacon brownies.  these turned out to be fantastic!  i recommend this recipe be attempted by all who love brownies and who love bacon.  two great tastes together!