28 October 2008

the dog saga continues

on sunday night when i was getting ready for sleep, my neighbor’s dog, abby, was still out barking in their backyard.  i feel asleep around 10:30p and was abruptly woken to the sound of sir barksalot’s rousing vocals.  i got up and checked out my kitchen window to see if the owners would address her barking, as prescribed in the ordinance.  nothing.

i went back to bed.  i feel asleep again.  around 11:00p, barksalot woke me again.  this time i got up, checked for the neighbor to address her barking (prescribed by the ordinance) and found no activity.  it was my turn to be active.

i telephoned the sheriff’s non-emergency number and reported the “noise problem.”  he got address of neighbor and told me it would be passed on.  thirty minutes later, a cruiser swung by his house.  dog was put in a flash.  it took less than two minutes to put her up.

i went to bed at 11:30p and slept the rest of the night.

at this point, all i have to do keep reporting the dog to animal services, and they will continue to address the problem.  i am mostly convinced that the only way for me to find real relief is if the dog is removed from the owner, which is unfortunate.  but since this owner has a track record of not being home all night yet leaving the dog out, there is no guarantee this matter can be permanently fixed by the dog staying.  history has proven there will be change for a limited time and then a return back to annoyance.  i just don’t think he gets it.

so, my plan is go to bed and plan to sleep the night.  if the dog barks, i call sheriff’s department and/or report the matter to animal control the next day.  they will be able to solve this problem the right way.  i’m counting on it.