30 October 2008

restructuring pay days

a note with attached pdf document including full-color examples was delivered to our inboxes this week to let us know that the semi-monthly pay plan (the fifteenth and last days of the month) are being switched over to an bi-weekly cycle.

first, thanks for the heads up.  second, thanks for making life much harder for all.

as gmoney points out, does anyone have bill that aren’t based on a monthly cycle?  answer:  no.  but now i  have to take extra steps to make sure enough is allocated for the etched-in-stone pay dates set up by the rest of the world.  those were based on specific days in a month not weekly cycles.

i do not know if this somehow makes their life easier.  it might, but since i don’t speak accounting i can’t say.  gmoney also points out that it is more costly to have a two-week cycle than it is a semi-monthly.  and he’s right:  paper cost for all the transactions, bank fees, transaction costs, postage fees.  they are all on being done 26 times a year rather than 24.  not much of a difference, unless your company is big.  then the pennies add up.

i suppose i should just be happy i have a job.  and i’ll admit to a certain laziness when it comes to personal finance management.  nothing like playing payment timing games to keep you on your toes.  we’ll see if i can blog about the positives into next year.